*NOTICE: Terms Of Site (Forum Help)

by OneCoolThing @, Tuesday, February 10, 2015, 18:13 (2655 days ago)
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The forum is not heavily moderated and we believe free speech without boundaries is important but we do ask that you follow these rules:

  • ... You agree you are of the legal age in your country to view adult content.
  • ... You agree to not post threats of physical violence towards other users.
  • ... You agree to not post Inciting Imminent lawless action.
  • ... You agree to not post any underage pornographic material or Bestiality content.
  • ... You agree to not post links to phishing websites.
  • ... You agree to not post spam.
  • ... You agree to post full sentences in English only.
  • ... You agree to post any xxx content strictly in the appropriate 'X-rated (nsfw)' section.
  • ... You agree to not use a pornographic image for your avatar (User photo) or signature.
  • ... You agree the Moderators and Admin have final say on what is edited or deleted.
  • ... You have read, understand and agree to our privacy policy

If you find any user in breach of the above please report them

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