UK to Introduce "Online Harms" Safety Laws (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Open Your Mind, Friday, April 12, 2019, 12:39 (103 days ago)

THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!! North Korea here we come


"In the first online safety laws of their kind, social media companies and tech firms will be legally required to protect their users and face tough penalties if they do not comply.

As part of the Online Harms White Paper, a joint proposal from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and Home Office, a new independent regulator will be introduced to ensure companies meet their responsibilities."

"A range of harms will be tackled as part of the Online Harms White Paper, including inciting violence and violent content, encouraging suicide, *disinformation, cyber bullying and children accessing inappropriate material."

*any information that goes against the official government narrative

Digital Secretary Jeremy Wright said:

“The era of self-regulation for online companies is over. Voluntary actions from industry to tackle online harms have not been applied consistently or gone far enough. Tech can be an incredible force for good and we want the sector to be part of the solution in protecting their users. However those that fail to do this will face tough action.”

A regulator will be appointed to enforce the new framework. The Government is now consulting on whether the regulator should be a new or existing body. The regulator will be funded by industry in the medium term, and the Government is exploring options such as an industry levy to put it on a sustainable footing.

Tough new measures set out in the White Paper include:

•A new statutory ‘duty of care’ to make companies take more responsibility for the safety of their users and tackle harm caused by content or activity on their services.

•Further stringent requirements on tech companies to ensure child abuse and terrorist content is not disseminated online.

•Giving a regulator the power to force social media platforms and others to publish annual transparency reports on the amount of harmful content on their platforms and what they are doing to address this.

•Making companies respond to users’ complaints, and act to address them quickly.

•Codes of practice, issued by the regulator, which could include measures such as requirements to minimise the spread of misleading and harmful disinformation with dedicated fact checkers, particularly during election periods.

•A new “Safety by Design” framework to help companies incorporate online safety features in new apps and platforms from the start.

•A media literacy strategy to equip people with the knowledge to recognise and deal with a range of deceptive and malicious behaviours online, including catfishing, grooming and extremism.

NSPCC CEO Peter Wanless said:

“For too long social networks have failed to prioritise children’s safety and left them exposed to grooming, abuse, and harmful content. So it’s high time they were forced to act through this legally binding duty to protect children, backed up with hefty punishments if they fail to do so.”

Barnardo’s Chief Executive, Javed Khan said:

“Children in the UK are facing growing risks online - from cyber-bullying to sexual grooming to gaming addiction.”

Will Gardner, CEO of Childnet said:

“We look forward to this opportunity to help shape a better and safer environment for children and to continue and grow our current work to equip them with the information and skills they need to navigate the internet positively and safely. As we speak to thousands of children, parents, teachers and other professionals each year, we want to mobilise and support them to be part of the solution.”

Carolyn Bunting, CEO, Internet Matters, said:

“We support the government’s desire to make the UK the safest place to be online. The internet simply wasn’t built with children in mind, so it is vital that government plays a greater role in determining and setting standards for the services that children commonly use, and that industry responds quickly and effectively.”

The Government is also taking action on disinformation with a behaviour change campaign aimed at the public ;-) . The pilot campaign has launched and aims to increase audience resilience to disinformation, by educating and empowering those who see, inadvertently share and are affected by false and misleading information. The campaign will increase the audience’s ability to spot disinformation by providing them with straightforward advice to help them check whether content is likely to be false or intentionally misleading.



UK to Introduce "Online Harms" Safety Laws

by Tinfoil Matt, Friday, April 12, 2019, 15:28 (103 days ago) @ Open Your Mind

Using the children excuse to bring in these repressive laws is the biggest disinformation of all




UK to Introduce "Online Harms" Safety Laws

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UK to Introduce "Online Harms" Safety Laws

by Darkfalls, Sunday, April 14, 2019, 15:26 (101 days ago) @ Open Your Mind

Who is fact checking the fact checkers

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