How To Become A Female Separatist - Your 50 Step Feminist Guide (Conspiracy / Strange)

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In this 50 step guide the author replaced the word Women with Wimmin and Woman with Womon because becoming a Female Separatist you can't go around calling yourself a woman now can you :-P

by Radical Lesbianarchafeminist.

1.Spend as little time as possible talking to men, especially in a positive way. Don’t let strange men talk to you.

2.Stop trying to please men. Don’t go out of your way. Don’t even put effort into your appearance for men.

3.Choose female musicians over male musicians. Watch TV of wimmin, created by wimmin, or wimmin-centered. Read books authored by wimmin. Etc.

4.Educate yourself about (radical) feminism. Spread the good word.

5.Develop and express comradely love for wimmin. Give wimmin the benefit of a doubt.

6.Develop your self-love.

7.Quiet the male voyeur/critic in your head, stop acting on behalf of men to police yours and other wimmin’s behavior.

8.Attend wimmin’s groups.

9.Support wimmin’s labor: your coworkers, your fellow students, the wimmin you buy stuff and services from.

10.Divorce your heterosexual marriage. Dump your boyfriend. Don’t go on dates with men.

11.Stop having heterosex.

12.Stop having any children: it will free you financially, time-wise, husband-wise. Also capitalism and patriarchy makes it impossible to ethically raise a child.

13.If you absolutely must raise a child, adopt a daughter, not a son. And try to surround her with only wimmin throughout her life. Your separatism is also her separatism.

14.Learn how to defend yourself in some way, so you won’t have to rely on men for protection.

15.Don’t call the cops: they never help, they usually send men, and you can’t pick a womon. You or someone you know may end up dead, kidnapped, injured, or raped — especially when that someone is African American, Native American, or Chican@.

16.Depending on your level of flexibility, pick wimmin to do things for you rather than men (moving furniture, favors around the home, plumbing, any handywork, anything.

17.If there isn’t a womon’s-only group in your area, start one.

18.Choose to help homeless wimmin over homeless men. (Being poor doesn’t let men off the hook.)

19.Volunteer to help wimmin at a rape crisis center, wimmin’s shelter, etc.

20.Reach out to older wimmin. Talk to them. Make sure to stay connected.

21.Don’t go out of your way to volunteer for causes that cater to men. If you choose to volunteer for such a cause, do it because it benefits wimmin.

22.Stop supporting the sex industry: stop watching porn, never support any organization that gives money or profts from prostitution, porn, or the sex industry as a whole, don’t purchase from sex shops, don’t purchase makeup, don’t give money to any entity that benefits from the dehumanization, grooming, rape, and trafficking of wimmin.

23.Avoid or DIY the things you can’t ethically source.

24.Don’t let men into your home or your room.

25.Visit and support wimmin’s land and female-only space.

26.Prioritize your female friendships and other relationships.

27.Introduce wimmin you know to each other.

28.Prioritize and support non-default wimmin, “outsider” wimmin and wimmin openly defiant of patriarchal standards. Support global majority wimmin in your neighborhood. Support lesbians.

29.Decorate your abode with female-positive themes.

30.Take down imagery of objectified wimmin and creepy men.

31.Get rid of your religion. Worship female deities or go atheist. Dabble in feminist magic. (Beware of the male/female duality in most Wiccan practice.) (Satanism is also too male.) (Even Buddhism is male.) Try Dianic Wicca or something similar. Make your own. Or go without.

32.Work on getting wimmin to leave male cults. (Nobody recognizes it, but there are literally thousands. You only hear about the mass suicidal ones.)

33.Learn about female reproductive organs, sexuality, hormone cycles, all the things to do with being female.

34.Teach yourself how to perform an abortion in case of emergency.

35.Know your medical rights. Boycott male doctors, especially OBGYNs (gynecologists.

36.Get a female landlord if possible, but don’t feel bad if you can’t. Instead of female landlords, start up more female housing collectives.

37.If you vote, vote for wimmin who have proven they support the most oppressed wimmin – not just any wimmin. If you can’t find a suitable candidate, vote for the one that will bring the changes you want that will support wimmin’s living conditions: even if that candidate is a man, it’s the material changes to wimmin’s real lives that matter. Or write yourself in, or don’t vote. Don’t stress about voting, it’s a limited tool.

38.Get off of male-controlled social media as much as possible. Don’t waste your time putting money in their wallets.

39.Support causes that empower wimmin, even indirectly if it ultimately benefits wimmin.

40.Develop your skills to offer services to wimmin.

41.Under capitalism and certain disabilities, accept that you have to break some of these rules, but don’t beat yourself up about it. You don’t need to be a martyr for a cause.

42.You are a womon too. Develop a certain shamelessness. Don’t self-attack about anything, even if it may be hard to stop doing.

43.Join collectively with wimmin to achieve collective goals of feminist separatism, since separatism is incomplete when reduced to individualism and purity rituals instead of growth and development of the self and wimmin.

44.Topple male CEOs, bankers, and other powerful men from their positions of authority, if you have the power to do so.

45.Start up female-operated collectives instead of capitalist firms.

46.Within mixed sex movements like Black, Chicana, indigenous, and working class liberation, create female-only groups. (Creating female-only groups within the male left has become basically impossible due to “TERF” hunts.)

47.Parallel to mixed sex movements like Black, Chicana, indigenous, and working class liberation, create female-only groups by and for Black, Chicana, working class, indigenous, etc, wimmin. (Wimmin who are shut out of the male left from having female-only space can address their specific needs and oppression.)

48.Associate with your own preferred type of womon. You’re still allowed to be selective about the type of wimmin you spend time with. Separatism doesn’t mean you have to love every womon unyieldingly and unconditionally.

49.Practice spinning: seeing through male lies to the female truth in the background.

50.In all analysis, prefer wimmin over men. Give wimmin a benefit of a doubt, give men skepticism. Treat the sexes as different as they are.

Originally From: https://radicallesbiananarchafeminist.wordpress.com/2018/03/06/practical-female-separat...

Quoted from: https://coolmanfromthepast.tumblr.com/post/171853671891/practical-female-separatism-for...



How To Become A Female Separatist - Your 50 Step Feminist Guide

by Cosmos, Friday, March 08, 2019, 19:33 (351 days ago) @ Trixxy

34.Teach yourself how to perform an abortion in case of emergency.

This list satire parody or what? :-think

Difficult to tell these days.


How To Become A Female Separatist - Your 50 Step Feminist Guide

by GBH, Friday, March 08, 2019, 23:54 (351 days ago) @ Trixxy

Looks like a homo fag wrote this list


How To Become A Female Separatist - Your 50 Step Feminist Guide

by Give Me A Cookie, Non EU Country, Saturday, March 09, 2019, 17:47 (350 days ago) @ Trixxy
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Either written as a joke by a man or written seriously by a hardcore lesbian feminist.


How To Become A Female Separatist - Your 50 Step Feminist Guide

by Sponge Borb, Thursday, May 09, 2019, 22:28 (289 days ago) @ Trixxy



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