*NOTICE: Privacy Of Site (Forum Help)

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By visiting and taking part on this website, you consent to the collection and use of your Personal Data as described below:

- During a forum visit without posting the forum sets three cookies, a session cookie, a cookie with the timestamp of the last visit of the forum and a cookie with user settings. The last two cookies get stored for 30 days. Additionally the forum software stores the IP-address and the timestamp of a browser request for a few minutes to count the users that are visiting the forum. This data gets removed from the forums database ten minutes after the last request with the namely IP. The forum stores no further data about the visitor on the forum server.
- When a visitor registers a user account, she/he is enforced to provide a username/a pseudonym for identification, an e-mail-address for verification and notification e-mails and a password for login. Additionally the IP of the registering user gets stored and will be deleted after 24 hours.
- The password is stored only in its encrypted form and is not readable for any forum moderator or Admin.
- The user decides if she/he wants to be contactable by other users or visitors via the given e-mail address. The e-mail address itself will not be provided or viewable to forum users and visitors.
- The user is furthermore able to give optional data like their website URL, their birthday date, their location, their real name and their gender. Further data can be provided in the signature and the profile but is not mandatory. A user is able to inspect all provided data and is able to delete all of the optional given data.
- When a registered and logged in user creates an entry no further personal data is requested. Personal data that get displayed with the entry are extracted from the user data.
- When a guest creates an entry without logging in, she/he is enforced to provide a user name/a pseudonym. The user is furthermore able to provide an e-mail address and a URL for a website, giving this data is not mandatory. The given data will be stored until the entry gets deleted. The IP address gets stored but deleted after 24 hours.
- If a user requests to delete their user account all data with the exception of the user name/the pseudonym and posted messages gets deleted from the forum. The username will remain because the entries of the former forum member need the declaration of a username (the username can be changed if you contact Admin).
- With the use of the contact form, regardless of contacting the forum Admin or a different user, all input gets transmitted to the recipient (your message and your email address). No further data gets stored on the forum server.
- Please be aware that while visiting our forum, visitors and registered users can follow links to other sites that are beyond our control. OneCoolThing.Today is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of these other sites.
- OneCoolThing.Today uses secure https on all submitted forms.
- OneCoolThing.Today does not use advertising or advertising tracking cookies
- OneCoolThing.Today administration will never sell or share your provided data with any third party

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