Knowing Thy Enemy: The Covid-19 Rainbow; Gateway To New 'World' Order (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Savage, Saturday, January 15, 2022, 01:15 (10 days ago)

How the UN see Covid. A PORTAL TO A NEW WORLD


The Covid-19 hoax is clearly both pretext and cover for a criminal operation on the economy to swap credit for wealth. If we use the electronic circuit analogy, as featured in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (as covered here), stored energy is being translated into output current by reduction of the magnetic field in an inductor, or in straight forward terms: wealth, which is stored by being in temporary possession of a population, is being returned to those who claim it as theirs: the architects of the credit-for-wealth system. So, at the root of the issue is the financier class.

Now, the reader will have surely come across blaming for the Covid-19 hoax that ends with the big pharmaceutical companies, and certain individuals connected to them. But medicine for societal control is a means, not an end. It is a tool. Covid-19, if we could boil it down to an essential classification, where it hasn’t been the real variety which involves pneumonia caused by binding to ACE2 at the lung, can be called death by the interruption of allopathic treatment. In other words, management of death by the NHS was withdrawn so that there was a sudden collapse of thousands into mortality. A very good deal of these, it seems, have been the old aged who were transferred from hospitals into care homes. Of course, corporate and alternative media alike will not stop treating this death as being related to coronavirus (either “with” or “from”). The truth is that it had nothing to do with SARS-COV. But then, there can’t be an inkling of the NHS being an instrument of control coming from these quarters – a situation due either to the upholding of ideology, or the desire to fool the public. There cannot be admission that, in real terms, what the Covid-19 episode amounted to from a health perspective is termination by the NHS of a lot of overhead-rich assets for its corporate-government masters. Permanently interrupted management of death causing expiry of patients on a large scale – and the Office for National Statistics tells us that there have been several thousands more deaths than the 5 year average, and all of these can be attributed to democide – means less welfare to pay out, and a big tax windfall (either directly, or through fees [ultimately, taxed funerary-related income]). It is highly likely that the threatened Covid-19 vaccination will be implemented with a view to paring down the wealth-holding within the credit-to-wealth system.

So, money is at the root of coronavirus, and the City of London is at the root of money. And as the Corporation is institutionally freemasonic by historic continuity (the reader is asked to read two other FBEL articles for background, here and here), it would do well for us to look at the writings of Manly P Hall, a prolific chronicler of inside knowledge to those on the outside wanting to find it, to gain a better understanding.

It won’t have escaped the reader’s notice that the UK Government has employed a symbol since the very beginning of the coronavirus episode: a rainbow. Obviously, this symbol had been conceived in the planning of the entire operation because it appeared simultaneously with the roll out of the UK Government’s measures. Reinforcing the fact that this particular rainbow was the one of the new covenant in the Book of Genesis was how each end of the arch sat on capitals of cloud.

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