If you are against vaccine mandates you are anti-vaxx even if you've been vaccinated! (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Mind Controller, Thursday, November 25, 2021, 22:52 (59 days ago) @ Lewi

Just listen to this moron explain how if you've been vaccinated but are against fascistic government vaccine mandates you are anti-vaxx :-facepalm this is the moronic Nazis we are having to deal with :-crazy these people are mentally insane crazy eyed dangerous morons


Michael Gunner is a medical Nazi he's already ordered people to concentration camps


They are losing complete control of the plandemic lie and are becoming hysterical and desperate in the process. If they don't complete the plan now it's going to set them back decades and next time they try will be even more difficult for them as ever more people won't trust them like they did this time.

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