The Medical Facists are coming to Lockdown the Unvaccinated (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Charly, Thursday, November 25, 2021, 19:59 (13 days ago) @ Jeff

No wonder people are sceptical, when they started off by saying only the elderly and vulnerable should get jabbed then they consistently moved the goalposts all the way down to children under 12.

Then factor in the bribery of them offering free food, free beer, free weed, free lap dances, free lottery draws

Then they moved onto threatening people with their jobs, not being able to go on holiday or enter certain buildings or public transport

Now we're onto them trying to lockdown the unvaccinated and force compulsory injections

All this for a virus that most have a 97% or over chance of surviving, a virus that is less dangerous than the flu, a virus that is way down the biggest killer list.

Fuck yeah I'm sceptical! none of it makes any sense and the people who have blindly gone along with it obviously have no sense.

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