What about Nazi Austria (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Savage, Tuesday, November 23, 2021, 14:27 (176 days ago) @ Dex

For starters the Austrian government mandating compulsory vaccines for all citizens is illegal and against human rights laws, it is also against the Nuremberg Code. If you don't want the vaccine refuse it and don't pay any fines otherwise you're agreeing to abide by the Austrian government's illegal mandate.

Austria a population of 9 million people have had 12 thousand deaths in two years! of this virus being around

The government say 65% have been vaccinated, so they are forcing 3-4 million people to take a jab against their will that could bring thousands of adverse effects and deaths just because 12 thousand mostly over 80 year old's died in two years :-facepalm

If you can make any sense in this you're either insane or stupid.


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