William Shatner's Fake "space" trip in the Bezos Penis Ship (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Charly, Thursday, October 14, 2021, 19:26 (102 days ago) @ Lewi

Let's pretend it was real, why are people in awe and amazed so much? A 90 year old was buckled into a seat and shot up into the air not into space but to the edge then came back down :-dunno Yet 52 years ago we were supposedly walking on the moon never to be done again

People say to me 'we don't need to go back to the moon' well we don't need to go back to the edge of space.

What I'm saying is if Shatner was flown to the moon and he got out walking around and maybe replicated his Gorn fight it might be slightly impressive.

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