TV turning on giving Emergency Broadcast Alert at full volume (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Doctor Of Death, Wednesday, October 06, 2021, 04:12 (18 days ago)

Seeing a lot of devices starting to incorporate this. They're setting us up for something :-whistle

I think this TV would be going in the bin if I owned it.


I just bought a TOSHIBA 50” last night and the first night it was installed we experienced the same thing. Woke my entire family up last night and was very startling. I need to find a resolution to this before I go on a warpath in the Amazon reviews.

Has anyone found a solution for this? My TV blasted an emergency alert at 1AM at full volume, even though the TV was off. It's very unsettling and definitely want to avoid it happening again.

It isn't an issue limited to just Fire TV Edition TVs. There are reports of this happening on other smart TVs that have Android based operating systems (like Sony Bravia). It sounds like the signal from the cable box containing the alert is triggering the TV to turn on (sometimes just the audio portion for the alert) for the duration of the alert.

While I have not had the Emergency Alert turn my TV on, I have had mine turn on, and later off, all by itself when nobody was home (I saw it occur on my security cameras) quite a few times.

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