What Fuel Shortage? (Conspiracy / Strange)

by V3, Saturday, October 02, 2021, 12:10 (25 days ago) @ Tinfoil Matt

Artificial scarcity that the government have done nothing to quash because it's all part of the Agenda 2030 plan that they have brought forward using Covid where all resources for the common person in the western world are going to be rationed. People still don't understand that western governments are at war against their own citizens now :-dunno

Fuel shortages, food shortages, doctor appointment shortages, computer chip shortages, forcing you into medical procedures, forcing the green agenda on you, making it more difficult to travel, raising the prices of everything while keeping paychecks the same or decreasing them

This is all happening worldwide at the same time off the back of a planned Covid Great Reset into technocratic communism

And people are still too stupid to see it :-facepalm

They still blame Brexit or they say we should have voted for the opposition government instead

1. Brexit never happened, we still don't have our seas back for our fishermen, we are still paying into the EU, we are still signing up to EU Initiatives and mass Immigration is at an all time high.

2. It doesn't matter what party you have in, they are all puppets controlled by higher up globalist elites. You are completely wasting your time voting for any of them.

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