Nazi Australia (Conspiracy / Strange)

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When you read this below just keep in mind the global swab testing that is going on at the moment due to an overblown flu.

Annastacia Palaszczuk is an Australian politician who has been the 39th premier of Queensland since 2015

Palaszczuk was raised in the Brisbane suburb of Durack. Her father, veteran state Labor MP Henry Pałaszczuk, was born in Germany to Polish parents.


GTA stands for "Gene Technology Alliance", has already distributed genetic data storage and application services on a global scale. Hon. Henry Palaszczuk is former Misiter and Member of parliament of Queensland for so many years, the chairman of the GTA Foundation, who is responsible for overall management and major decision making at GTA

The GTA project from Australia believes that it is necessary for human individuals to complete a genome-wide test to obtain full-cycle health information and a personalized precision medical plan. While, for the whole human society, data accumulated from gene sequencing will also have profound implications in biopharmaceuticals, precision medicine, and genetic research. However, short of human genome data is a problem we have to face up to and a biggest obstacle standing in the way of genetic technology.

How to encourage more people to accept gene sequencing and data storage, and how to protect user privacy and ensure data sovereignty, GTA made a bold and disruptive attempt. By combining advanced gene sequencing technology and blockchain storage technology, it adopted unique blockchain incentive mechanism to quickly attract individual users, gene sequencing companies, medical, pharmaceutical, health services and other data applications on the same platform, as a result of which, a gold mine of gene data storage and application has been built with a global genetic data storage as the core and profound application value.


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