Captain Tom has covid (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Agent Mole, Saturday, February 06, 2021, 15:28 (24 days ago) @ Major Payne

Just looking at his Wikipedia page even that doesn't say he died of Covid-19 but it does say on the day of his discharge from hospital he tested positive for Covid which seems a little strange

If he was tested in the hospital why did they let him leave? and if he was tested at home that seems a little too coincidental that you spend all that time in hospital testing negative then on the day you leave the hospital you test positive :-whistle

This copy and pasted from Wikipedia:

Moore was admitted to Bedford Hospital on 12 January. He was diagnosed with pneumonia and treated. Ten days later he was discharged to his home in Marston Moretaine. Both before and during his stay in hospital, Moore was tested regularly for Covid. On the day of his discharge, 22 January, he first tested positive for Covid. He remained at home for the following nine days while receiving care and treatment. Having difficulty in breathing, Moore was re-admitted to Bedford Hospital on 31 January with Coronavirus and pneumonia.[115][117] He died on 2 February, aged 100.


David Frum and CNN quote "The worst mistakes that press organizations have made in the coverage of Trump has precisely occurred in their effort, their overzealous effort, to be fair to the President". lol

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