Captain Tom has covid (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Rage Khorak, Friday, February 05, 2021, 19:25 (22 days ago) @ Trixxy

He will at 100 years old stand around reporters selling the Covid story and go on holiday to Barbados DURING A 'DEADLY PANDEMIC'

Yeah! What happened to "stay home, protect the nhs, save lives" :-spat

The guy has now burdened the nhs through his and his family's stupidity :-spat

He's killing granny!!

Yes why should he be able to go on holiday and not be called a granny killer while the rest of us have to cower in our homes :-think

The double standards is just fucking annoying. If I had gone on holiday during this pandemic then came back and died with 'covid' while my family was in the hospital with me and it was reported on the news sites all the comments would be "fuck that guy", "fuck that super spreader for putting strain on the NHS" and yet this guy gets comments like "rip" "what a wonderful guy" "they don't make them like that any more"

:-roll :-middlefinger

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