Ready for Civil War to kick off in America today? (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Last Starfighter, Sunday, January 10, 2021, 13:54 (14 days ago) @ Darkfalls

Stormed? More like were checked against the guest list and let in to take selfies with the security

If it was stormed the doors would be off the hinges and thousands would pour in. What we got was a few let in then they closed the doors for a bit then let another load in, it looked like queuing up for a Disney ride at one stage.

Then you had the obligatory fake pushing and shoving between police and protestors.

Looking at the video footage from inside the building it was like a benny hill sketch, the whole thing was so blatantly fake.

It's almost like everything is pre-programmed


Go forth and devastate with a smirk Nick Sandmann style

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