Murderer Boris Lockdown 3 (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Give Me A Cookie, Non EU Country, Friday, January 08, 2021, 04:49 (17 days ago) @ HMS

Cocksucker Boris says ONE in FIFTY people in private homes now has coronavirus in England

How can you possibly say that when you haven't botch tested every single person in England

Boris and his team of dimwits constantly talking complete bollocks :-jack

Exactly. How do you know when you have not tested every single person. They are just guessing again, no facts at all, they plucked a number from the air, fed it into their 80's PC running the Sage modelling software which spat out a number and they then multiplied that by a thousand and said that'll do the sheep in the public are too stupid to even understand our jargon.

It's like a yougov poll where 1000 people thinking a certain way constitutes the thoughts of the whole of Britain :-roll

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