Covid-19 The BIG FAT LIE (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Dex, Monday, January 04, 2021, 23:31 (19 days ago) @ Shocker

CDC cannot provide samples of Covid-19 to cross reference

Patented Coronavirus Covid-19 has not been isolated or proven to exist, people are dying of the Flu and other illnesses

1500 positive Covid samples found to be Influenza

Press play at the following link


Like we've been saying all along it's just the regular flu repackaged which is why of all the years for flu to be almost non existent it's the year Covid is here And why they've lumped Covid, flu and other deaths like pneumonia in with each other just recently instead of recording them separately as normal.

Which is why mostly above 80 year olds are dying from it too, yes you have some younger people dying from it but you also had younger people dying from the regular flu in past years.

You just have to compare death rates from past years taking into account population growth and it is hardly any different, not to a scale that the media would have you believe.

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