Oh Gawd, Bill Gates now wants to dim the Sun (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Fusty, Monday, January 04, 2021, 21:38 (15 days ago) @ Shocker

Bill Gates and Richard Branson are betting lab-grown meat might be the food of the future

Clean-meat being Frankenstein artificial meat made in a lab petri dish, I love how they are trying to market it as "clean meat"

Clean-meat advocates and companies believe history is on their side, and it’s just a matter of time until people come around. Ice used to come only in frozen blocks taken from lakes; now we produce ice in the comfort of our kitchen. “We call it a freezer,” Shapiro said. “We don’t think there’s anything artificial about it at all.”

How does this Paul Shapiro guy in the linked article equate freezing water in your kitchen to eating frankenstein artificial meat grown in a petri dish instead of natural meat?

What? That is batshit crazy to even make that comparison :-crazy :-spat

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