Bullshit Nashville Talking RV Bomb (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Shocker, South Shields, Saturday, January 02, 2021, 13:46 (16 days ago)

I couldn't be bothered to post about this story but the government agents aka mainstream news media won't stop talking about it.

But ultimately not enough people are taking the twisted Covid vaccine because of conspiracy theorists online spreading truth so now we have to target these conspiracy theorists using false flag events carried out by the deep state FBI and the CIA then bring in laws where you get arrested for 10 years for even mentioning a conspiracy theory online.

Which takes us to the conspiracy theorist Anthony QAnon Quinn Warner driving the RV in Nashville who was supposedly hunting reptilian lizard people and on the lookout to blow up 5G :-roll

So he parks outside an AT&T in Nashville while listening to Downtown by Petula Clark then his RV over loudspeaker starts talking to the street telling people in a very government / police official sounding voice to evacuate the area because a bomb is going to explode :-roll

The bunker buster from the sky hits the street ;-) and now we have to listen to this conspiracy theorist's back story on the news for the next six months all the while demeaning conspiracy theorists and making them the new ISIS because we know ISIS wasn't created by the deep state don't we.

I'm sure there will be a load more false flag events linked to conspiracy theorists coming up soon in 2021.

The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie, one word of truth outweighs the world.

Think for yourself. Don't be part of the hive mind.

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