Wuhan Flu Pandemic My Ass! (Conspiracy / Strange)

by sedggy, Wednesday, November 25, 2020, 17:32 (60 days ago) @ Give Me A Cookie

Wuhan Flu Covid-19 deaths in the United Kingdom is still only just above 52 thousand people in a year! Wuhan Flu was a thing in November (or even before that some say) last year and Chinese people were coming into Britain at that time without us even knowing about the "virus" and this is a deadly killer?

52 thousand deaths in a country of nearly 70 million people in one year!

Please :-middlefinger

When you think roughly on average 1600 Brits die every single day of non Covid related death which in a year is over half a million compared to 52 thousand Covid deaths in a year during a "highly contagious deadly pandemic" is absolutely NOTHING. Some bright spark will come along and say "but think of the families who have lost loved ones you mean horrible person" :-roll yes we're all gutted for those people that died BUT statistics don't have emotions and the totalitarian reaction by world leaders to Covid is killing more people than the virus which is lunacy (but that is probably their plan all along) :-whistle

This annoys me when you give out facts and figures on why lockdown is insane you always get some idiot come out the woodwork and say "you're so heartless, what if it was your family" :-roll I'm pretty sure it's always some government agent or officer at the 77th Brigade that replies with that comment. I'm heartless for wanting to prevent 70 thousand suicide and cancer patient deaths due to lockdown :-roll sure

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