I thought Greener was Cheaper (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Iam Human, Thursday, November 19, 2020, 23:23 (13 days ago) @ BLADE

The electric cars are just going to be the same once everybody is forced to buy one. The price will go sky high and three decades from now the headlines will be electric cars are worse for the environment than combustion engine cars

We don't need to wait three decades we know that already. Electric cars are worse for the environment.

They are actually a complete disaster to the environment based on the raw materials making and end of life disposal of the battery needs. The overall distance and convenience they provide is also terrible unless you're an old couple who use the car in a regimented fashion and drive from the house to the supermarket back to the house every day and you know your exact route. But if you drive to random places or a large distance they are inconvenient.

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