Stop Funding Racist Barnardo's Children's Charity (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Lewi, Thursday, November 12, 2020, 19:37 (12 days ago)

They're basically saying White people all have privilege and none are affected by hardship and White people don't equally need help during Covid-19 times.

Stop Funding These Racists (Equality Means Equality For All)

Barnardo's "White Privilege" Guide

Barnardo’s, which yesterday pronounced on the matter of 'white privilege'. Unveiling its new guide on this hot topic for parents, the children's charity said:

'Talking about white privilege means looking at how our own actions maintain and support racist systems and structures.'

Unsurprisingly, this has generated some angry responses. 'As a former Barnardo’s Boy, I find your stance as disappointing as it is nonsensical,' was one reply. 'Where was my white privilege when I was left in Hull Maternity Hospital at 2 days old? Where was my white privilege when I was in several short-term foster homes prior to going into care in?'



Barnardo’s offers helpline for Black and Asian families impacted by COVID-19


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