NAZI British POLICE throw Bagpipe player to the ground on Remembrance Sunday (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Mr Itchy, Wednesday, November 11, 2020, 01:58 (22 days ago) @ Game On

The last thing the police should be doing at this moment in time is losing the support of the general public. Not a wise move in my opinion to become aggressive against the public.

Just the other day a man was harassed by three police officers because he was not wearing a mask in a shop due to being exempt. The police wanted to see paperwork for his exemption which is totally against the man's rights as it is not in law to have to show proof of exemption yet the three police officers lied and said it was and removed the man from the shop :-tothehand the head of the police station later had to officially apologise to the man and said that their officers were in the wrong.

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