Why do Women get treated like a Special Breed? Gender Neutral Toilets (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Iam Human, Sunday, November 01, 2020, 00:05 (32 days ago) @ Game On

They talk about women feeling unsafe in these toilets but I would feel unsafe using them. There is no way I'm entering a toilet area where there may be women or one woman (maybe she is drunk) and away from witnesses.

All they would have to say is you touched her inappropriately or if she had a child with her and you happened to look at the child and the mother takes it the wrong way and you end up on the sex offenders register. No way am I going into any room alone with a strange female away from the public in this current year.

The law courts are totally stacked against men you don't stand a chance. You will end up losing your livelihood and on some register when she starts giving it the waterworks.

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