"Build Back Better" Hadron Collider (Conspiracy / Strange)

by The Programmer, Saturday, October 17, 2020, 12:16 (47 days ago) @ Cre8

Listen to this occultish promotional work from the United Nations regarding the plandemic. Apparently Coronavirus has made the mighty kneel :-roll :-crazy


Quite creepy really but it gives you an insight into what these entities like the United Nations and World Economic Forum really have going on in their heads:

Doomsday Machines
Portals between worlds
Dead carcasses

Just the usual Dr Evil thoughts :-crazy

This evil cabal really are trying to open up portals to new dimensions with their Hadron Collider project. What do you think they're wasting billions of euros on that for? To find out how humanity began? Don't think so.

And now they want to build an even bigger one.

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