"Build Back Better" New Zealand and Australia are all in (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Give Me A Cookie, Non EU Country, Friday, October 16, 2020, 14:47 (47 days ago) @ Danny111298

All the globalist leaders are in lockstep ;-) All the most fascist heavy handed countries pushing lockdown and destroying the economy are all running with "Build Back Better"

The evil bitch in charge of fascist New Zealand says "build back better" :-jack

Jacinda Ardern says "build back better" in this inspirational :-roll new video /June 12, 2020

Just look at her face as she talks lies and deceives you reading her globalist script https://youtu.be/rPvhKA4yS7Y?t=167

The New Zealand PM is a liar, she is acting like "build back better" are three words that came up a lot in letters written to her by children and is not the motto of her overlords :-roll bullshit what a disgusting woman.

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