Antifa and BLM supporters starting the "wild" fires in America (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Danny111298, Evesham, Saturday, September 12, 2020, 20:32 (371 days ago) @ Shocker

Leading up to the election in America where the communist left have vowed Trump cannot be allowed to get in again we've had

- the biggest virus (Covid-19) in recent history all the way from communist China
- the biggest riots and looting in recent history by communist Antifa and Marxist Black Lives Matter
- and the biggest "wild" fires in recent history being started by people in black, one that was arrested was at a blm protest.

Mainstream media calls it coincidence

It is :-hehe just coincidence


FACT: More blacks in America are killed by blacks than they are killed by whites. American Cops kill more white people than they do blacks.

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