Indian Mother Stabs Her Child To Death (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Game On, Friday, September 11, 2020, 12:45 (7 days ago)

Mother, 35, is charged with murdering her five-year-old daughter after police were called to 'bloodbath' in London home

neighbour Elsa Gonzales, 47, described hearing screaming and crying coming from the property, where the family from Sri Lanka lived.

When she arrived with her sister - Riza Marfilla, 55 - she discovered the woman wearing only her underwear.

She said: 'I went next door and saw the lady on the floor covered in blood. She had what looked like a knife wound in her stomach.'

'I was on the phone to 999 and I tried to see if the young girl was likely to survive but she looked lifeless – there was so much blood everywhere.'



London is now called Londlam

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