The Schooling System In America Has Been Infested By Dangerous Idiots (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Trixxy, Monday, September 07, 2020, 11:46 (14 days ago)

When you have supposed respectable teachers doing this you know you have a problem with society :-facepalm

Assistant principal records self at BLM protest: ‘Fuck The Police!’ ‘They Can Fuck Right Off’

An assistant principal from a Rochester, New York high school recently took part in a Black Lives Matter protest and recorded himself shouting anti-cop expletives.

Spencerport High’s Steve Lysenko yelled that the Rochester Police Department was doing a “shitty-ass job,” and told them to “fuck right off.” He followed up by shouting “fuck the police!! Fuck Rochester Police Department!!”

This pillar of the community identified himself in the video as “president of the local chapter of the national association for multicultural education.”

According to RochesterFirst.com, the profanity-laden diatribe occurred at a demonstration over the death of Daniel Prude.




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