Black Man Released From Prison Stabs Elderly White Grandma To Death (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Last Starfighter, Monday, September 07, 2020, 00:47 (24 days ago) @ Last Starfighter

Reported May 19, 2020

Houston again. This guy had 65+ prior charges and was given the opportunity to commit murder because Democrats emptied the prisons.


The Houston Police Officers’ Union is speaking out this week to express their outrage after a career criminal who was just released fatally stabbed an 80-year-old grandmother on Sunday.

Rosalie Cook had been out shopping at a Walgreens in Houston and was walking back to her car when she was attacked and stabbed by 38-year-old Randy Roszell Lewis, who was later shot and killed by a responding officer. The Houston Police Officers’ Union has since spoken out to blame this incident on the “total failure” of criminal justice reform influencing Lewis’ release weeks earlier.

It had been just two years since Lewis was charged with assaulting a public servant, breaking the victim’s nose, while being transferred to county jail. He had been arrested an astounding 67 times in his lifetime for dozens of charges that include assault, theft, trespassing, possession of marijuana, and burglary of a vehicle.

“Randy Lewis should never have been free. Now an innocent woman has been murdered. Everyone deserves better. This is absolutely shameful,” the Houston Police Officers’ Union tweeted Monday alongside Lewis’ record.


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