Noose found in black firefighter’s locker Minneapolis (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Lewi, Sunday, June 28, 2020, 01:54 (16 days ago) @ G Knight

Here we go again:-facepalm

Minneapolis officials have asked the FBI to investigate after a piece of rope resembling a noose was found in a black firefighter’s locker.

The rope was found at a Bloomington fire station on June 15, and was not reported for a week. The rope was tied into what appeared to be a crude noose, according to reports.

“Acts like this that embody hate, intimidation, and aggression will not be tolerated,” Bloomington Fire Chief Ulie Seal said in the release. “The firefighter who brought this to our attention has demonstrated extreme strength and bravery and has done the right thing.”

Bloomington Mayor Tim Busse said he is “disgusted, angry, and embarrassed by this cowardly act. To be clear, this incident is very serious and is being dealt with aggressively.”

Busse said the city plans to bring in a mental health consultant “to address the emotional, social, and psychological trauma that results from racial traumatic events.”


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