Fife businessman in trouble for 'blackfaced’ bear suit (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Tinfoil Matt, Saturday, June 27, 2020, 22:02 (12 days ago)


Local Fife business man driving a tractor with gifts to a kids Teddy Bear Picnic dressed as a brown bear is accused of blackface :-think

He put brown face paint on to blend his face and make it look like the bears neck as you see the head of the bear on top of his head.


Duncan Collier, who runs a local haulage, quarrying and recycling business, drove a vintage tractor through Crossgates, dressed as a brown bear, to hand out gala goodie bags to youngsters.

His choice of attire raised eyebrows among some in the community, who felt the decision to don brown facepaint was ill-judged.

One local mother contacted The Courier claiming the costume had prompted her child to start asking some “very difficult questions”.

“Mr Collier dressed up as a bear, I think, to entertain the crowds,” she said.

“However, all he has done is cause offence.

“He ‘blacked up’ for the occasion, and I find it disrespectful, disgusting and goes against the current Black Lives Matter campaign.


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