Can you believe this moron Libby Schaaf of Oakland (Conspiracy / Strange)

by HMS, Thursday, June 18, 2020, 22:58 (25 days ago)

Can you believe this fellow white person. Well, she is a jew so she hates White people really.

Schaaf gets her little jewish panties in a twist because somebody puts up five rope nooses in trees in the local park in California. She calls it a hate crime against black people and does a long press conference on how her fellow white people are shit and how she informed the FBI and how white people must do better :-roll

Later on a black hippie exercise trainer comes forward and said he put them in the tree to do exercises with his clients.

Her response after her fake melodramatics of the press conference, "it doesn't matter who put them up the intention is still horrible for black people" :-jack

jew never apologised to white people after getting it so wrong.

What a fucking whore

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