Yodel Are The Shitiest Delivery Company In The UK (Rant)

by Edy, Saturday, August 22, 2015, 00:30 (974 days ago)

Stayed in all day yesterday, got up at 6am Yodel tracking said out for delivery at 9am, got to around 6pm and checked tracking, still out for delivery. Checked again at 7pm and it said "returned to the local service centre"

This is not the first time Yodel have been cunts. Last time I watched the delivery driver get out his van with a "missed you" card and proceed to run to my front door and put it through my letterbox without even ringing the bell or getting the parcel out the back of his van. I ran out to him and said why are you putting a card through without trying to deliver the parcel, his reply was it was his first day and he didn't see no car in the driveway! Yeah ok :-jack

So fuck you Yodel you bunch of wankers :-middlefinger

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