Young Black Man Viciously Beats Old White Man In RACIST Attack Hardly Anybody Is Screeching About (Conspiracy / Strange)

by G Knight, Friday, May 22, 2020, 12:29 (4 days ago)

Because it's a black on White crime.

Notice in the linked articles, not one mention of it being racist, not one mention the victim was White and not one mention the suspect was black




Now just think how different the news articles would be if the old man was black and the young man was White (maybe even wearing a MAGA hat) :-whistle The articles would definitely have mentioned racism and the articles would definitely have mentioned skin colour.

"White thug beats old black man in racist care home attack"

All the black race baiters would be out loosing their minds.


It was a violent attack on a senior citizen inside a nursing home, and Detroit police say the much younger suspect is also a patient.

Police say the suspect is 20 years old, but it's unclear why he was being treated at the nursing center.

The incident happened on May 15.

It appears from the video, that the person who set up the phone to record the incident is the 20-year-old himself. Now, the video of the brutal assault on a 75-year-old man will no doubt be heartbreaking evidence.

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