Thug Ahmaud Arbery case falling to pieces (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Open Your Mind, Monday, May 11, 2020, 22:34 (204 days ago) @ Danger Mouse

At this point you have to question every single white on black attack the mainstream media push as virtually all of them are a Jussie Smollett or they bend the truth of what really happened in favour of the racist white narrative.

Also why does every headline about this case mention a lynching? Are the mainstream media that thick or is there ulterior motives to stir up racial tension :-roll

I don't know :-dunno have they changed the definition of a lynching because I always thought a lynching always ended up in a dead body hanging with rope around the neck :-think

Suppose having somebody try and grab your gun off you and you killing that person is called a lynching now :-dunno

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