BT Smart Hub 2 Question (Technology)

by Joe The Android Guy, Sunday, February 02, 2020, 14:37 (159 days ago) @ Aston Villa Robbie

Smart Hub 2 uses band steering as default that in the current firmware you cannot turn off. In normal routers band steering would be an option you can enable that would push your device to the band that had the best performance.


You can choose to disable the 2.4GHz in the BT Smart Hub 2 but it kind of screws you up if all your wifi devices do not support 5GHz.

You can also buy the black Wifi discs for the Smart Hub 2 now which gives a mesh setup which is probably another reason why BT decided to not give the option for dual SSID's, makes it more simple for the end user to setup the discs :-dunno

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