Pioneer bluray drive BDR-207 EBK rubber band (Technology)

by eddie 209, Bromsgrove, Saturday, January 11, 2020, 06:28 (182 days ago) @ James n Jen

I used a standard rubber band on my drive once and it lasted about 6 months. Granted the drive was only being opened a few times every month :-lol but the band did snap and went further into the internals of the drive :-banghead

I had to take the drive out the pc and shake it around and eventually could see the band to grab it with some tweezers. So I didn't have to start taking the drive apart.

I would advise buying the real deal bands though as over time they will just become slack thus not opening your drive tray and not snap inside your drive. They will also last way way longer. Normal elastic bands will start stretching much quicker giving you inconsistent opening of the drive.

I think you can buy a bag of different sizes from amazon, just search dvd drive belt.

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