What is your favourite first party controller of all time? (Gaming - General)

by Wes, Monday, December 02, 2019, 00:14 (177 days ago) @ @MrSkiggles

Just comparing the Xbox One and PS4 controller's as I think both are the best

Triggers - Xbox One wins
Shoulder buttons - PS4 wins
Thumbsticks - Xbox One wins (ps4 too slippery)
Main face buttons - PS4 wins
D-Pad - PS4 easily wins
Overall resting in the hand comfort feel - Xbox One wins

Looks like it's a tie then :-lol but if I really had to choose, thumbsticks and triggers are the most important to me so I would give the edge to Xbox One :-dunno though if I was heavily into fighting games I would choose the PS4 controller out of these two.

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