BBC TV Licence BS (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Felix Da MouseMat, Thursday, November 07, 2019, 00:05 (206 days ago) @ Sarge

The licence fee funding model was considered as part of Charter Review 2015-16. The BBC Charter Review consultation received over 192,000 responses and found the majority of the public do not want to see a change in the way that the BBC is funded: 60% thought the current licence fee model did not need to be changed, while only 3% of respondents supported a subscription model and 1.5% advertising.

Bullshit I do not believe that :-justno

The Government is therefore committed to ensuring the BBC continues to deliver high quality, distinctive content for all audiences. That is why we have guaranteed the licence fee level will increase with inflation until 2022.

So basically shut up, go away and keep paying.

Put it to a referendum, give the people a vote. Two choices, Keep the licence as is or scrap the licence and go the advert route. I guarantee the majority of people would vote to scrap it which is the reason why they would never put it to a vote.

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