39 illegals Dead in lorry shipping container (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Savage, Friday, October 25, 2019, 02:16 (215 days ago) @ The Truth

I never trust these tragedies that happen near key political dates :-justno show the proof lets see the bodies :-tothehand

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Anonymous writes:

Got a feeling the truck tragedy is fake.

- Constantly changing narrative.

- Coming through leaky Irish Border.

- Timing with Brexit.

- CCTV footage from fixed camera 'panning' the truck in the middle of

- Very young driver to hold class 1 HGV and drive a left hand drive rig.

- Convoluted route to 'expose' backstop issues.

- Convenient twitter feed.

- Comparing tragedy to Dunblane, 7/7, Manchester Arena.

Merkel apparently opened the border to 1 million + refugees after similar event in 2015. Therefore a seeming tragedy used for political capital and serving a higher purpose.

Nothing being released about the victims and crime scene sterilised and truck removed.

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