39 illegals Dead in lorry shipping container (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Pinky, North Yorkshire, Thursday, October 24, 2019, 01:31 (118 days ago) @ Darkfalls

It is absolutely disgusting that the press have plastered that driver's face all over the internet now and the poor guy could well be innocent :-justdont

Somebody posted this on facebook, could be true or might not be :-dunno


Update on the lorry driver from County Armagh who was falsely accused of driving the truck where 39 bodies were discovered in Essex. Poor lad had been sent to pick up the trailer, when he opened the back he found the bodies, something I am sure he will never recover from. He's been released without charge..seen on a family members page.he picked up the trailer drove to the industrial estate to get the head down..got out and opened the back doors and seen the carnage inside..phoned for the ambulance and police,"which the media failed to inform people off"...wee lad done what he should..


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