Postal Carrier Refuses To Deliver Man’s Mail Because Of Halloween Decoration (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Cosmos, Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 02:43 (216 days ago)
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Did you see this one :-facepalm

The long and short of it, White guy owns the house and every year puts Halloween decorations out on his lawn which includes a gallows and noose. This year the White guy puts a skeleton in the noose.

Black Mailman turns up in the morning and shouts something like "slavery!"

Now the postal carrier has refused to deliver the White man's mail until he takes away the gallows and noose and skeleton



Richard Beatty has been decorating his Brentwood house for years with homemade Halloween decor, including makeshift gallows and a noose with a skeleton hanging from it. On several occasions, the noose has just been swinging empty.

But this year, after the decorations went up, he heard a knock at the door.

“The postmaster himself came here and knocked on my door and said he was suspending my mail until I took this stuff down, and I said, do what you have to do because I’m not taking it down,” Beatty told CBS2’s Carolyn Gusoff.

Beatty’s idea of trick-or-treat fun was offensive to his African-American mailman.

“I think it’s ridiculous … It’s not meant to be racist. It’s not meant to offend anybody. It’s here to be scary, spooky. It’s a graveyard. It’s spooky. It’s Halloween. That’s what it’s all about,” Beatty said.


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