The Essence of the one way race baiting media (Conspiracy / Strange)

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If you have your brain in gear you may have noticed for some time the difference in a media article when it comes to the reporting of a black criminal vs a white criminal. But comparisons have become laughable now.

Taking men for example, when reporting a black criminal the media will say The man and when reporting a white criminal the media will say The white man

Lets just have a look at a couple of examples (although I could post hundreds of comparison posts)

We start at Essence which granted is a pro black website but journalism should have some kind of standard :-dunno

I'll give the link, the headline and a small amount of text to compare:


South Carolina DJ Accused of Trafficking And Sexual Crimes Against Black Girls
A white South Carolina DJ has been accused of trafficking Black girls, with some speculating the numbers could be in the hundreds.

First sentence we are straight into the race baiting to wind the black readers up

Now lets have a look at how Essence report black men trafficking girls


14-Year-Old Victim Helps Police Bust Human Trafficking Operation
Officers raced to the girl’s location at a Motel 6 and arrested three suspects: 39-year-old Christopher Lyon Johnson of Sacramento, California; 43-year-old Antoine Williams of Merrillville, Indiana; and 59-year-old Curtis Lee Russell of Natomas, California.

Not one mention of them being black


Mich. Man Accused Of Sex Trafficking 15-Year-Old Tells Judge: I'm 'A Good Man In A Misunderstood Situation'
A 21-year-old Detroit man accused of sex trafficking a 15-year-old girl described himself in a letter to a federal judge as “a good man in a misunderstood situation.”

Not one mention of him being black

Moving onto a different report not about trafficking but still telling


White Woman Arrested For Pulling Gun On Black Couple Trying To Have A Picnic
Life comes at you fast, and now, in addition to being unemployed, 70-year-old Ruby Nell Howell has got herself a court date after pulling a gun on a Black couple who was simply trying to have a picnic.

This one you even have it in the title, white woman randomly pulls gun on black couple who only wanted a picnic


Lets move away from Essence and to the Independent


White ‘vigilante’ convicted of killing unarmed black man over parking space
A white man who shot and killed an unarmed black man in front of his five-year-old son in an argument over a disabled parking space has been convicted of manslaughter.

Straight away in the headline and in the first sentence WHITE

Now lets have a look at how the Independent report a black male killer


Man murdered fellow train passenger in front of teenage son in row over blocked aisle, court told
A father was stabbed 18 times in front of his 14-year-old son after a heated row with a fellow train passenger over blocking the aisle, a court has heard.

No mention of him being black just "a man" and on top of that they don't even show a picture of the murderer, I had to go hunting for that. So the above article you had white man kills black man in front of his child and in this article you have man kills man in front of his child :-roll

Just a few more examples while we are here


Gang members convicted of trafficking South London girls as young as 14
Gang members have been convicted of trafficking girls from South London as young as 14 years old.
A total of six teenagers were found to have been exploited by the three men who each ran lucrative drugs lines

No mention of them being black


Baltimore pimp convicted on two counts of sex trafficking minor girls
A federal jury convicted 26-year-old Ryan Russell Parks, AKA “Dinero,” of Baltimore, Maryland, for two counts of sex trafficking of a minor and one count of using the Internet to promote a business enterprise involving prostitution. The verdict was delivered on July 18 following a four-day trial.

No mention of him being black


Video shows couple robbed at gunpoint in East Williamsburg
A couple was robbed at gunpoint in East Williamsburg in an early morning encounter caught on video.
The man and woman, both 25, were walking into a building on Kingsland Avenue near Woodpoint Road shortly before 3:45 a.m. Aug. 9 when a stranger approached.

Here is a news report that certainly doesn't mention he is black, the news report doesn't even give a description of the robber yet he was still on the loose :-facepalm

Like I said I could do hundreds of posts like these but you get the idea I'm sure :-whistle

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