Snowflake Female Police Officer Deletes Twitter Account Because Feelings (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Game On, Monday, September 16, 2019, 17:02 (292 days ago)

Because she received hateful sexist!!! comments like

'she can cuff me anytime'


'wow I'd let her jump in for me'.

:-jack :-gay


"A hero female police officer who tried to save a baby 'thrown to his death off a bridge' has been forced to delete her Twitter account after being bombarded with disgusting sexist messages.

PC Jessica Voiels jumped into the River Irwell in Radcliffe, Manchester in a bid to save 11-month-old Zakari Bennett.

But instead of being praised for her brave efforts, the 24-year-old has been trolled by men commenting on her personal appearance.

Comments included men saying 'she can cuff me anytime' and 'wow I'd let her jump in for me'.

After her picture was widely shared on social media, PC Bennett has now deleted her account.

A post on a Facebook group called Mint Manchester read: 'Get this shared. Jessica Voiels, 24 jumped in the River Irwell to try n save little baby Zak. Despite her efforts she couldn't find him.'"


PUBLISHED: 15:03 BST, 16 September 2019

UPDATED: 16:29 BST, 16 September 2019 :-whistle

Greater Manchester Police have since said PC Voiels did not jump into the water and her response to the incident was the same as every other responding officer. :-spat

:-roll:-jack obviously because Police officers are told not to jump in the water because PC Correct Feelings

From another story
Police 'said they weren't allowed to save drowning man'

London is now called Londlam

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