Robot Pole Dancing Strippers (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Game On, Sunday, September 08, 2019, 00:04 (173 days ago)

So is it a case of getting free publicity for the club or do our overlords believe they can push the idea of robots taking over from real women on the strip pole?


"A French nightclub has caused a stir after it exhibited pole-dancing robots donning high heels.

The gyrating robots had CCTV cameras for heads and were interspersed among their human counterparts at the Strip Club Cafe (SC-Club) in Nantes on Friday night."

"British artist Giles Walker is the mastermind behind the unorthodox concept, explaining that the camera heads were intended to play with the idea of voyeurism."

"Walker said his robots explore the notion of 'who has the power between the voyeur and the observed person.'"

SC-Club owner Laurent Roue said that some people might find the robots 'very sexy' although the main intention is to 'pay homage' to robotics and artificial intelligence."




Anything is better than this right?


London is now called Londlam

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