If it's Boeing I Ain't Going - the door of a new Boeing 777X flew off body in final structural test (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Danger Mouse, Staffordshire, Saturday, September 07, 2019, 14:40 (267 days ago)

:-justno :-lol

"Just when Boeing appeared to be finally regaining some confidence in the company's jets - CEO Dennis Muilenburg recently announced that the 737 MAX 8 would likely be back in the air by the new year - the company's new, ultramodern wide-body jet has hit an unexpected hurdle in what was supposed to be its final structural test. During a ground test on Thursday, the door of a new Boeing 777X flew off the fuselage while several FAA inspectors were present to evaluate the test, according to a report from Seattleā€™s KOMO radio."



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