Australians can now change the gender on their birth certificates without needing surgery first (Conspiracy / Strange)

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The majority of the Tasmanian House is female and this is what you get if you put women in charge. They will bring evil and destruction into society.

To most observers, Tasmania might not seem politically ahead of the curve. But that's soon to change on the island state, with women about to outnumber men in Parliament.

Election analyst Kevin Bonham said it was a significant moment in Tasmanian and Australian politics.

"That's the first majority female parliament of any state in Australia, the second majority parliament in Australia after the ACT which got one after its 2016 election," he said.

'Male-dominated bear pit no longer an issue'

Jenny Morris, from the group Women for Election, is celebrating the outcome.

"I need to come to Tasmania now to see what they're doing and how they've managed to achieve that," she said.

"This could become a fabulous case study, If it can be done in Tasmania it can be done elsewhere.

"It's absolutely thrilling.

She said the result would encourage more women to enter politics.


Well done women :-clap



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