Porn viewing ID checks for UK start April 2018 (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Danny111298, Evesham, Wednesday, July 17, 2019, 02:57 (313 days ago) @ Fusty

Providers of legal pornography will be required to implement an age-verification system by 15 July,

So what happened then? Two days after the ban and porn seems to be aplenty :-lol

The British Government are the most useless incompetent moronic people you will ever find and they fucked it up again so it has been delayed again for 6 months



Tricky legal measures meant that its 2018 launch was pushed back to the middle of 2019

However, just several weeks ahead of the roll-out the UK government had to issue an embarrassing retreat. Policymakers had failed to tell the European Commission about the porn-stopping plan and its wider consequences for people across the web. As a result, the block was delayed. Digital minister Jeremy Wright told the House of Commons it would be at least six months until all the paperwork could be properly completed. That means it's unlikely the porn changes will happen, if they do at all, until 2020

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