Black Day at Disneyland (Conspiracy / Strange)

by Ashton, Wednesday, July 10, 2019, 19:59 (320 days ago) @ Shocker

I'll try and explain in layman's terms what happened.

So, fat ass is with white shirt and big tits is with pink shirt, pink shirt and fat ass had a disagreement and Fat ass spat in pink shirt's face so pink shirt started beating up fat ass, white shirt didn't take kindly to his biatch fat ass being beaten up so he attacked pink shirt, stripes feinted to the floor, pink shirt then started on fat ass again then big tits and fat ass started going at it. Pink shirt started slapping fat ass again and fat ass fell to the floor, backpack then told pink shirt that his girlfriend big tits punched his mother stripes, then pink shirt started punching big tits? Then they all went to KFC to celebrate


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